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Welcome to the Troop 1701 website.  Troop 1701 is chartered by the volunteers of Fire Station No. 2 in Troy, Michigan.  The Troop was first chartered in 1926.  We meet on Tuesdays during the school year in the Leonard Elementary School Cafe, 7:00 - 8:30pm.  Visitors are welcome to join us at any Troop Meeting.

For more information, please contact us at Webmaster@Troop1701.org.

What's coming up next:

Posted by admin on Aug 12 2017 - 3:45pm

Please remember to ALWAYS bring your Scout Handbook to Troop Meetings, Campouts, etc!      

August 27 - Art on the Lake SERVICE PROJECT

September 5 - Troop Court of Honor / Picnic - Kickoff the 2017/2018 Scouting year!

September 12 - Troop Meeting

Sash N' Bash: an Ordeal of a Campout

Posted by GavinV on May 24 2017 - 7:03pm

This campout is one of the few campouts that people, that have been elected, to join the Order of the Arrow. Although this campout had a few bumps in the form of bad weather, we had an amazing campout otherwise. The Order of the Arrow, or OA, is a great honor for a scout to have, but it doesn't come cheap. For an ordeal, you have to show service to the OA in the form of fasting for the day, 4 hours of service projects and an oath of silence for about twelve hours. After that, for Saturday, you get a huge feast for dinner and breakfast the next morning. Those of us that did not Participate and/or did not join the OA participated in fun activities such as games and live concerts. In any case, congratulations to the new OA members on their entry into the OA. Even though most of us got soaked in our sleep, our spirits stayed high! Thanks for reading and hope to see you on the next campout!

Conservation Camp Out: Branching Out to the New Scouts

Posted by GavinV on Apr 26 2017 - 8:29pm

This campout was amazing over all. For the new scouts, this was a completely new experience and they did amazing in learning the ropes like setting up our kind of tent and cooking on a grill. On Saturday we did some different nature-based merit badges and we cleaned up sticks from a graveyard as well as a bonfire and hilarious skits and some random hilariousness. Sunday was a day of review and clean up. We all learned our effect on nature and how to save the environment through our different merit badges. We all had an awesome time at the campout and we hope to see you there next year. 

Camp Card Fundraiser is here!

Posted by admin on Apr 8 2017 - 2:54am

Camp Cards are discount cards.  We will be selling them until June 1.  

$5 Camp card includes discounts for BD's Mongolian BBQ, Dave and Buster's, and over $100 in local savings when you activate your membership.

Locked In!

Posted by admin on Feb 12 2017 - 1:49am

Six grueling hours of intense (non-physical) training - with a payout of 18 hours of video games, movies, Benito's Pizza and caffeine & sugar-filled 'healthy' foods - highlighted by a late-night trip to the local 7-Eleven.

Was it worth it?  Well, this isn't the first year the Troop's youth leaders selected this activity for a middle-of-winter weekend event, and it probably won't be the last.  The training is an annual event, an essential first step in a Scout's leadership training.  Revisiting the training not only reinforces the lessons learned, but as Scouts step into new leadership roles in the Troop, they learn what's expected of them.

This year, 12 Scouts (and 4 adults) spent 24 hours "locked in" the Boys & Girls Club of Troy, MI (the "jail break" to the 7-Eleven being their only taste of freedom!)  Because of the persistent nighttime rain, Troop Leaders opted to drive them to the 7-Eleven - to stave off any possibility of sleep (and to avoid the alternative - wet Scouts that wanted a trip to 7-Eleven more than they wanted dry clothes!)  Upon returning from the 7-Eleven, the Scouts constructed a "fort" in the Teen Room to share a movie marathon experience.

Visits by several parents during the event were greatly appreciated and helped keep the four "24 hour" adults sane - more or less.

Reports of the Boys & Girls Club being condemned after the event cannot be confirmed at this time...

The O.A. Elections

Posted by GavinV on Feb 5 2017 - 3:43pm

Last tuesday, we had a few guests from the Order of the Arrow, or OA, come in to help with the election of scouts into the OA. The three scouts that were elected in were Gavin, Nathan and Gabriel. Good luck to them and hope they stay on target (pun intended) and make it through initiation.

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