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Welcome to the Troop 1701 website.  Troop 1701 is chartered by the volunteers of Fire Station No. 2 in Troy, Michigan.  The Troop was first chartered in 1926.  We meet on Tuesdays during the school year in the Leonard Elementary School LGI Room, 7:00 - 8:30pm.  Visitors are welcome to join us at any Troop Meeting.

For more information, please contact us at Webmaster@Troop1701.org.

Troop Meetings and Campouts

Posted by godfreyc on Oct 20 2019 - 12:46am

Please remember to ALWAYS bring your Scout Handbook to Troop Meetings & Campouts!

October 22 Committee Meeting @6:15, followed by Troop Meeting @7:00
   *** Popcorn orders are due tonight ***

October 29
 PLC Meeting @6:15, followed by Troop Meeting @7:00
   *** Wreath orders are due tonight ***

November 5
 - Committee Meeting @6:15, followed by Troop Meeting @7:00

November 9-10 - Lean-To Campout

November 12 PLC Meeting @6:15, followed by Troop Meeting @7:00

November 19
 - Committee Meeting @6:15, followed by Troop Meeting @7:00

Merit Badge Opportunities - Registration is now OPEN for Delta College MB College (12/14/19) and more!

Posted by godfreyc on Oct 13 2019 - 4:36am

Normally, I'd just leave all those Merit Badge Opportunities over there on the left column, but when in the space of the next 4 months, you have the opportunity to earn several of 64 different Merit Badges (including 12 Eagle Required ones), well, I thought it was time to point it out.  Click on the link in the menu on the left side of the Troop website that says "Merit Badge Opportunities", and you will see a number of different dates and locations to earn Merit Badges (or work on Swimming Rank Requirements or STEM activities).  In some cases, there are multiple dates where a Merit Badge can be earned.  I've limited the driving distance for each of the events, but if you want to drive further, the Michigan Crossroads Council calendar shows events across the state.

Troop T-shirts & Caps and Uniform Exchange

Posted by godfreyc on Sep 15 2019 - 4:01am

Take a moment to look at the left side of the Troop website, specifically T-shirts and Caps, and Uniform Exchange

They are similar - both opportunities to put your hands on Scout clothing.  Here's the differences:

- T-shirts and Caps is where to look for new Troop gear, including new and/or current Class "B"/Activity T-shirts and Caps - there is a cost, but it's the cost the Troop paid - this is not a fundraiser!

- Uniform Exchange is where to look for THRIFTY/gently used Scout clothing - anything from uniform shirts to t-shirts to pants to shorts to belts and socks - there is no cost, but we do ask that, if possible, you trade an old piece of Scouting gear in to keep the exchange up and running!  Super-saver hint:  Some of it is brand, spanking new, aka unused!

If what you need and what we have in terms of a Uniform Exchange aren't a match, there's a bigger Uniform Exchange available at the Council office in Detroit.  Give 'em a call at 313-897-1965 to see if they can help!

Popcorn sale

Posted by godfreyc on Sep 15 2019 - 4:00am

The popcorn sale has begun!  All parents should have received an email link to set up an account in Trails End.  This will allow Scouts to keep track of their walk and sell and show and sell sales.  

New Order of the Arrow Chapter Meeting Location

Posted by godfreyc on Aug 29 2019 - 4:39am

After testing the waters several times over the past year, the Chapter Board has secured our access to the Boys & Girls Club of Troy (3670 John R Rd) for our monthly Chapter Meetings on the first Wednesday of the month.

I look forward to seeing all of my brothers there Wednesday at 7:00!

When You Know the Boys had a Good Time Camping...

Posted by godfreyc on May 12 2019 - 3:04am

Clearly, these guys had a very busy weekend at the Order of the Arrow (OA) Section Conclave last weekend at Gerber Scout Reservation in Twin Lake, MI.
This is what happens on the way home when Scouts have "too much fun!"

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