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Welcome to the Troop 1701 website.  Troop 1701 is chartered by the volunteers of Fire Station No. 2 in Troy, Michigan.  The Troop was first chartered in 1926.  We meet on Tuesdays during the school year in the Leonard Elementary School Cafe, 7:00 - 8:30pm.  Visitors are welcome to join us at any Troop Meeting.

For more information, please contact us at Webmaster@Troop1701.org.

Hiking in O-HI-O (A Caving We Will Go...)

Posted by admin on Jun 25 2016 - 8:28pm

This weekend was very fun and exciting for the 8 scouts and 5 adults. After we got to the camp, we ate cracker barrel then went to bed. After that we woke up, we started hiking to Old Man’s Cave. When we got there we were fascinated by the rock formations and how the ‘cave’ looked. It is more like a ravine then a cave, and Ash Cave was very cool too. We saw a never-ending waterfall and formations just like old man’s cave and it wasn’t as big as old man’s cave, but still very interesting.

Daniel's Eagle Court of Honor

Posted by admin on Jun 5 2016 - 12:49am

Congratulations to Daniel on getting Eagle! The court of honor was a lot more formal than a rank advancement. There were a few scouts absent and they were missed greatly. I think that the Voice of the Eagle had the longest part. It had sounded like a five paragraph speech. This showed the younger scouts that with perseverance and dedication, we too can one day achieve this rank. It was an amazing evening and we give good luck to Daniel on his scouting adventure!  -Gavin

An A-May-zing Canoe Trip/Campout!

Posted by admin on May 21 2016 - 6:37pm

8 scouts and 4 adults went to Cole Canoe Base to go canoeing. Thankfully nobody swamped their canoe, thanks to Mr. Carter’s guidance on how to guarantee not tipping a canoe. Some of the scouts saw a Bald Eagle perched on a branch while others were being attacked by the rain, sleet and hail. Most of us got stuck on the rocks, but we got out of that predicament fairly easily. After the canoe trip, some of the newer scouts worked on rank advancement and their Totin' Chip. Besides the cold of the night and the smoke from the fire trying to choke us, it was an amazing campout! –Gavin

April Biking campout

Posted by mhachig on Apr 25 2016 - 3:36pm

9 scouts and 7 adults traveled to Otter Lake Village to camp, bike and geocache.  Thanks to our time spent on bike repair during the last couple of Troop Meetings, only 2 out of the 14 bikes had issues. Fortunately, Mr Burlager brought an extra bike, so all scouts were able to bike.  All of the scouts biked for at least 20 miles, with 2 biking 25 miles and 2 biking 30 miles.   6 of those scouts learned about geocaching and began working on the geocaching merit badge.  Mr. Coffer and Mr. Hachigian are crazy about geocaching, so they had a lot of stories and knowledge to share.  The nights were a bit chilly, but the weather on Saturday was beautiful.  It was a great time!

Merit Badge Book Library

Posted by mhachig on Apr 9 2016 - 10:00pm

The Troop library has been cleaned out and replenished.  A link for the library has been added to the menu section of the website.  The list can also be found here.

Rank Advancement Campout

Posted by mhachig on Mar 22 2016 - 10:25pm

9 boys, 6 adults and one sibling braved the cold weather to attend the Rank Advancement campout in Davison, MI.  The Rezankas and the Hachigians are members of Outdoor Adventures Campground, and were able to secure three campsites for our use.  This allowed us to spend time inside and outside while working on rank advancements, as well as watch a movie, swim in the indoor pool, and play games at the arcade.  This free time was the reward for all that was accomplished.

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